7-Second Thoughts August 14, 2023

10 minutes to content

If you’re having trouble squeezing in your prospecting outreach, try stopping after 10 minutes.

If you know you only have 10 minutes to post or email your content

Try setting a timer for 10 minutes

If you don’t finish

Then don’t finish

And here’s why:

Giving yourself a seemingly insanely small amount of time to write

And then forcing yourself to walk away if you don’t finish

Allows you to:

  1. Finish
  2. Or have the experience of walking away and coming back to it with fresh eyes

If you fall under category #2 today

You might find that when you do come back to it

Later today or tomorrow

That it won’t take you but 5 minutes

To finish the whole darn thing

If you’ve got more than 10 minutes:

Try walking away after 10 minutes anyway

And coming back to it

My guess is:

You’ll still finish way faster


You’ll almost certainly notice

That you could have explained something in a much simpler way

Making it way faster

For your prospect

To understand

Whatever it is

You’d like them

To buy.

I’m here,


P.S. This trick of “sleeping on it” makes for faster emails that are MUCH more fun to write.

P.P.S. I taught my son this trick this past weekend and it got him to enjoy working on his MATH homework – in the SUMMER!

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