7-Second Thoughts June 15, 2023

An inconvenient epiphany

What happens when you’ve got an idea and there’s no place to write it down?

Even famous rock stars have been known to come up with the perfect lyric

When they were driving full speed

Down a busy highway

Causing them to raise their fist

And shout to no one in particular:

Oh, come on! What do you want me to do? I’m DRIVING!

And while this particular instance

Came from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat. Pray. Love.

It happens to business owners

Struggling to stay consistent with their marketing

All. The. Time.

See if this helps:

Pick 1 place

With the least amount of friction

To write down even the fartiest of brain farts

At a moment’s notice.

My fave is my task app on my phone

Which I blow up as a widget

So it’s HUGE

And never moves

From the top left corner

Of my screen.

I’m here,


P.S. Don’t think, “Oh, I’ll remember it.” Cause you won’t. Write it down. You’ll thank yourself the next time you sit down to publish your business words.

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