7-Second Thoughts January 10, 2023

Appointment robbers

Your website content needs to be as much under your control as possible.

The more your content is in someone else’s hands

Including your designer, developer, or even your writer

The more it robs your website of appointment-booking power.

See if this helps:

Whether you write your website alone

I didn’t even write mine alone

Or with someone else


You should finish with every last word on your website in a word doc that’s easily shareable.

I highly recommend Google docs and here’s why:

They’re simple enough to make changes to in minutes all by your lonesome

After which you can simply highlight or tag your designer to make edits.

Whatever you do:

Keep sending your business words out to prospects.

Those words will give you more ideas

For brand new offerings

Which you can then turn into brand new pages

And send straight to your designer to update.

I’m here,


P.S. Ideally, the more emphasis your website places on the words rather than the visuals, the easier it is to update all by yourself with a word or phrase that gets prospects to book appointments with you ????

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