7-Second Thoughts September 3, 2023

Are you over-efforting?

There is a rule bordering on law among Ivy League students that if you get an A+, you worked too hard.

And here’s why:

There is always going to be another test

Another assignment

Another project

And if you don’t have anything left in the tank


Over time

You’ll burn out

Your performance will suffer

And you might even put yourself at risk

For dropping out.

See if this helps:

When it comes to your prospecting

Try not to think in terms of

Giving it your all

Knocking it out of the park

Crushing it

Or any myriad of overachieving metaphors

And instead

Start at the bottom

And ask yourself

What’s the bare minimum I can do?

To complete the task

Feel good about it

And feel a sense of satisfaction

That what you’ve done

Is good enough

For today.

I’m here,


P.S. Learning what’s good enough is not “settling” or “lazy.” It’s actually a skill that can take time and patience but might benefit you in ways you’ve yet to imagine.

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