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What’s your best email address?

Ask yourself …

When’s the last time someone submitted your website’s contact form?

  • Have you stopped looking at the analytics because it’s just too depressing?
  • Do you dread Sunday nights without a single sales appointment on your calendar you can get excited about?
  • Have you given up on your website generating any leads at all?
  • Are the few leads you land killing you on price?
  • You know you need to change something, but you don’t know what

I’ve got news for you:

Your website’s probably not the problem

The problem is: you never actually launched your website.

Yes, your designer pushed it “live,” but somewhere someone or something led you to believe that once you clicked “publish,” your clients would beat a path to your door.

Here’s the thing:

Sitting back and waiting for your website to bring leads is as absurd as printing your business card and expecting your phone to ring.

The good news is:

Your website has more gold than you know. But it’s just sitting there, passively waiting for someone to find it in the world’s largest haystack ever in existence.

You could starve waiting for that to happen.

If you don’t know how to get people to book high-value calendar appointments from your website, you should take my free 7-Second Bootcamp email course.

In 7-Second Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1: How SEO turns your website into a lazy, no-good, good-for-nothing, do-nothing, couch potato
  • Lesson 2: How a SEO-based website robs you of sales appointments
  • Lesson 3: How a 7-Second Website works
  • Lesson 4: How a 7-Second website differs from a SEO-based website
  • Lesson 5: How to transition from a SEO website to a 7-Second website
  • Lesson 6: How to rewrite the first 7 seconds of your website and beyond
  • Lesson 7: How to (truly) launch your website to book more high-value appointments

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Your new email series has been spot on! Super helpful and informative!
— Jenna Banks
As I am updating my site I’ve been getting a lot of value out your emails the last few weeks. Thanks!
— Joonas Heikkinen
This was an especially useful message! One of my clients assigned me to blog for divorce attorneys and we've persuaded them to use this technique over their previous "lawyerly" approach. Waiting to see the analytics.
— Ruth Ann Monti
I really appreciate these emails and your insights. Lord knows we all need help with our website!
— Mark Schinnerer, The Success Grower
Kevin - many thanks for your informative emails. Am loving them! I am learning a lot about how to WRITE compelling messages from you! Cuz all you have is 7 seconds, right?
— Shingirayi Sabeta
Love this email Kevin. I also saw your LI post about the 25 minutes on, 5 minute break. It's already helped me get more done. I appreciate you. I'm pivoting my agency to focus on helping Assisted Living centers for our Senior Adults here in the US.
— Mitch Alverson


Hi! I’m Kevin Freidberg and I was a copywriter, creative director and independent contractor for 15 years. I’ve worked for some of the most prestigious ad agencies in the world including BBDO, Ogilvy, and Zeus Jones on brands including Target, Disney, HBO, 3M and Fox Sports. I’ve also written for The New York Times and the Dallas Cowboys.

You can check out my press page for more info.

In my first year as a solopreneur, I increased my high-value bookings by 10x simply by rewriting the first 7 seconds of my website. I have over a decade of real-world experience successfully applying a 7-second writing practice to my own consulting work and the 100+ business owners I have counseled. These days I routinely book at least 5 high-value appointments per week from my website.

The unconscious acceptance of websites that don’t lead directly to sales calls is a collective delusion that literally keeps me up at night. In fact, I consider it my mission in life to create websites that
book more high-value calendar appointments.
Care to join me? I’m here. ????


You’re running out of web page! Don’t waste another day waiting for your website to “ring.”