7-Second Thoughts May 6, 2023

Building your subscriber list

25 minutes at a time.

Fellow Daily Email list member Mark wrote in to offer his experience building his email subscriber list (shared with permission):

Hello Kevin,

I’m 12 days into starting my own daily list.

I think what finally got me started was your tip last week to just ask people

“Hey, I’m starting a daily email. I’d love any feedback you might have. Totally ok to unsubscribe. Can I sign you up?”

I thought, “Ok, that’s not so hard, I can do this.”

And what do you know, lots of people on my LinkedIn said “yes” ????

I can confirm, sitting down with a 25-minute timer to write specifically things my clients would care most about has been super helpful in better understanding what they want.

In fact, I remind myself the following each day before I start writing:

1) Focus on what the recipient cares about

2) Use the 7-seconds principle

3) Don’t sell, just focus on helping

Feel free to share my story. I’m grateful to be part of your list. Thanks for the help you send out each day!

Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom, Mark ????

I’m here,


P.S. You may sign up for Mark’s daily email here.

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