7-Second Thoughts February 23, 2023

Call to (Too Much) Action?

It might be time to reconsider the Contact button

And here’s why:

Considering that the average prospect spends 30 seconds

Not even kidding

On your homepage

Asking your prospect to decide in under a minute

Whether or not they want to add another meeting to their day

With a complete stranger no less

Makes you think there might be something to this sobering fact:

The average website books 1 calendar appointment per year.

See if this helps:

Having your main call to action

And perhaps your ONLY call to action

Be your newsletter sign-up

Gives your prospect

Many more opportunities

And at a much more leisurely pace

To decide if they’d like to book a call with you

Or simply conduct an entire conversation

On THEIR turf

Over email.

I’m here,


P.S. Ironically, the time your prospect spends reading your newsletter could be 10x longer than the time your prospect spends on your website ????

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