7-Second Thoughts August 19, 2021

Cave-mansplain your website

Here’s one way to see if your website might actually be costing you sales.

1. Go to a coffee shop. 2. Approach unsuspecting person. 3. Say, “sorry to bother you, but can you tell me in about 7 seconds if you understand what we do from our website?”

7,6,5 …

It’s actually called the Grunt Test, courtesy of Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand. Basically, if a caveman can grunt out what you do from your website in 7 seconds, (Grunt. You write websites ) you’re good to go.

If your coffee shop caveman isn’t fond of your website:

Crossed eyes

Notices leftover piece of “kill” from breakfast

Picks up club

… they’re probably a little confused about your messaging (or hungry)

Keep refining it until you can get a quick “yup, you do this.”

I’m here,


P.S. Virtual version: Email a link to your homepage with the subject line: Free coffee gift card for 7 seconds of your time! And then ask your online cave people if they know what you do from your website in 7 seconds or less.

P.P.S. You can always reply to this email with your current headline and I’ll hit you back with some grunt test worthy versions.

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