7-Second Thoughts September 9, 2021

Clarity beats adorableness

Your lemonade stand’s website better sell lemonade.

If you live in Minneapolis, you may have heard about 5 adorable kids who launched their own brand of dog treats.

Amazing right?

So you go to their website to support them. What’s the first thing you want?

Trust me, it’s the dog treats.

Maybe you know the parents, the kids, their dogs, their story.

You want to buy those treats and get on with your day as fast as you can.

Let’s do this:

CURRENT HEADLINE: YUM! I love these girls and their treats!


Healthy, organic dog treats that


IN 7 SECONDS YOU KNOW: What you’re buying, why the product is different than their competitors and how your life will change after the purchase.

This company’s gonna help me make my dog happy.

COME BACK TOMORROW FOR: The next 7 seconds!

(SPOILER ALERT: You’re still not ready for the kiddos – adorable as they are 🙂

In the meantime, buy a bag of Luca’s Dog Treats here!

I’m here,

Kevin P.S. Luca’s website is already live. All I’m doing is helping them get quick wins with simple word changes on their website. Let’s do that for you too! Schedule your 7-Second Clarity Consult right here!

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