7-Second Thoughts September 8, 2023

Clarity starts with a cord

Let me be clear – go buy a $6 ethernet cord now.

If you’re practicing consistent, fast, prospect outreach

Your goal is booking high-value appointments

That bring clarity to your prospect

About what you do

And why your prospect should care

All of which you cannot do

If the zoom is going in and out

Is it me? So sorry. Did you catch tha… hello… come agai…you’re back! nope lost you ag

Per friend of the list Mark Howell …

Go buy an ethernet cord

Hook it up to your router

Or your internet booster thingamawhatzis

Mark’s the IT guy. I write.

Plug the other end of the ethernet cord

Into your machine


Old school

Guaranteed to bring clarity

And prevent zoom

Sales call


I’m here,


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