7-Second Thoughts June 20, 2023

Click “send” and you shall receive

An infinite amount of rewards await, if you can just click “send.”

Emailing your business words directly to your prospect

Doesn’t just help you hone the craft

Of articulating the value you offer

It also provides invaluable practice

For facing your fears

Of articulating said value.

Here’s the thing:

If you can push through your fear

Knowing you’ve done the best you can

In 25 minutes or less

And click “send”

The rewards include:

Helping people you hope to work with in the future

Coming up with new ways to help them

Curbing your perfectionism

Spoiler alert:

Approximately 5 minutes after you press

It’s highly likely

One or many more ideas

Will pop into your head

For your next post.

I’m here,


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