7-Second Thoughts September 19, 2023

Come into the room hot

Whether you work at a creative agency or not, you still have to come to work prepared to solve problems.

The thing about working at a marketing or advertising agency in particular is,

You never know what you’ll be asked to do.

It’s both the beauty and the curse of working in a creative field.

But if you can start each day

Writing to your prospects


Future clients

And potential future employers

You will be far more prepared

To go into the office


Which means:

You’ll never be stuck in a meeting

At a loss for words.

You’ll come up with ideas

And solutions

On the spot.

And as an unexpected bonus

You might have to get used to being

The funniest person in the room.

I’m here,


P.S. if you’re working remotely, writing to your email list keeps you especially productive. As fellow daily emailer Travis Jones likes to say, “if you start the day as a writer, you’re a writer all day.”

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