7-Second Thoughts September 11, 2023

Create content like you’re 10.

You should have a habit that helps you create content fast enough that a 10-year-old would be interested in what you do.

Yesterday I introduced my son

To my content creation system

At our kitchen island.

As he ate his cereal

I plopped my laptop down next to him

Started my 25-minute timer

And began writing.

What’s that, Dad?

And I told him that this is how I’m able to write my daily email so quickly. It’s basically a game. I just start the timer. Check my list of email ideas I keep handy on my phone. And do my best to publish before the timer goes off.

So I wrote yesterday’s email with him watching

And when I was done he said exactly what I wanted to hear

I don’t get it.

And thus began a collaboration as to what might clear it up to make it more understandable.

None of which could’ve happened if I’d felt stressed


Or insisted on ideal conditions

To write content

That keeps the lights on.

I’m here,


P.S. If you can see yourself writing content quickly and with much less stress. And sending it out to all of your social channels and your website in 25 minutes or less, reply to this email and I’ll get you squared away.

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