7-Second Thoughts June 11, 2023

Curb your perfectionism

Give yourself less time to overthink your marketing.

The HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is almost entirely improvised by the actors.

This idea came from Seinfeld show co-creator Larry David

Who simply grew exhausted from putting so much effort

Into writing Seinfeld with Jerry.

He also found the approval process from the network

Equally exhausting

See if this helps:

Rather than go through your own exhausting self-approval process

Complete with strategy, brainstorming

And the inevitable procrastination

Why not do the best you can

And make it up

In the moment

Putting yourself on the clock

Specifically, a 25-minute timer

Obliterates your perfectionism


And overthink

And makes the whole process

Joyful enough

To show up for your next writing session

Ready and willing

To perfect it.

I’m here,


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