7-Second Thoughts September 8, 2021

Do you have Leaky Website Syndrome?

If your prospect comes to your website but doesn’t contact you, do you really have a website?

Here are 7 possible reasons good leads are slipping out the backdoor without clicking the “contact us” button:

  1. They don’t know what you do.
  2. They don’t understand how what YOU do benefits THEIR business.
  3. You don’t sound any different than your competitor
  4. You’re not solving a pain their business needs help with.
  5. They have no urgency to contact you.
  6. It feels like you’re talking to Generic Person – not them
  7. They can’t find the darn “contact” button*

See if this helps:

7-Second Website: APTVEST Apartment Investing – Dallas, TX

Headline: Gain Direct Access to Turnkey Apartment Community Investments

In less than 7 seconds, prospects visiting Aptvest.com know 3 things:

1. What Aptvest does for them.

2. The pain being solved.

3. Who’s kicking ass (HINT: It’s not Aptvest)

I’m here,


P.S. If you think it’s beyond the pale that good leads get to leave your website without ever knowing how you could’ve helped their business, reply to this email or schedule a chat.

*Right now, change the button on your website that lets people contact you or book appointments to something super duper clear: Let’s talk, Contact us, or Get started are all good options. 🙂

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