7-Second Thoughts August 12, 2023

Do you have to publish every day?

It’s recommended to try and sell 1 thing every day

And here’s why:

Because it’s so gosh darn easier to perform a habit

Rather than a one and done thing

Which can feel like the difference between writing a term paper

And a post-it note

An object in motion stays in motion

Once your marketing is on auto-pilot

You can literally start to squeeze it in

LIke you’d squeeze in a cup of coffee

And here’s when you really know it’s getting good

When you DON’T feel well

When the wind is NOT at  your back

When conditions are NOT ideal

Enough to consider NOT writing a post

But then

Before you know it

You squeeze one in anyway

Because it’s easier

Than not doing it. 

I’m here, 


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