7-Second Thoughts June 25, 2023

Don’t make it “A Thing”

Part of limiting your writing time to 25 minutes is to stop you from making your marketing any bigger than it needs to be.

Every kind of marketer

Which is to say every kind of writer

Has said these words:

Crap, I haven’t posted anything today.

If you haven’t done your writing

And have been putting it off

You’ve made it

A Thing

When it’s A Thing

It’s bigger than it needs to be

Most likely because it’s a task

You’re not looking forward to

But when you limit your writing time to just 25 minutes


From the time you sit down

To the time you click “publish”

You know it’s going to get done

Come hell or high water

Which makes it easier

To squeeze it in

As a thing

Before it becomes

A Thing.

I’m here,


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