7-Second Thoughts November 26, 2022

E.G.O.S. (Eyes Glazed Over Syndrome)

When your website talks to everyone, no one knows who you’re talking to

The famous ad man George Lois died a few days ago at 91.

He created famous magazine covers for Esquire that are now part of museum collections

When asked by his future employer Harold Hayes for advice on how his covers could be improved

Lois bluntly said that they needed to convey a point of view as forcefully as the magazine’s star writers, like Norman Mailer and Gay Talese.

See if this helps:

If your website does not take this same laser-focused point of view

Your prospect’s attention will begin to drift

Until next thing you know

They’re at your competitors

Or youtube or Netflix (which quite honestly we’re all competing against)

I know what you’re thinking …

But if I take a laser-focused approach on just 1 person or group, I risk alienating other potential markets

But the risk lies in what you’re doing now

Losing your prospect’s attention because they don’t know who you’re talking to.

Here’s the thing:

All your prospect wants to know

Is that you’re talking to someone

Even if it isn’t them.

That’s what makes it interesting

And oddly enough

Far more relatable.

I’m here,


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