7-Second Thoughts July 4, 2024

Email pilots your day

The whole value of being in this position is just being able to control your time. ~ Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner, Guy from Shark Tank, Billionaire Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Cuban (or “Cubes” to his friends) spends an hour each morning writing emails. 

As told to Trevor Noah on a recent episode of his “What Now?” podcast

He says the early-morning output helps keep him productive throughout each day

And even led to the start of his new company Cost Plus Drugs

Which came from a cold prospecting email (!)

He says the secret is …

Streamlining your schedule and communications through your inbox, which helps you prepare for the day and cut down on unnecessary calls and – ironically – emails. 

In Market Yourself First, we’ll be setting up such a system

Not sure if Cuban has a name for his

But in MYF

It’s called a boiler room

Because it powers your whole day. 

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