7-Second Thoughts June 17, 2023

Email. Pray. Love.

Before you can work on your website, you gotta eat.

Unless you already have a steady stream of leads

And a consistent way to procure them

Time spent writing your website

Might best be spent

Writing directly to your prospects

And here’s why:

Putting effort into contacting your prospects through email

Rather than your website

Forces you to ask tough questions

Ironically, the same ones you’d need to work on your website

Except that at the end

You can send the result

Of all that hard work

Directly to the person who most needs it

Who most wants to hear it

And who can pay you for your services

aka, put food on your table

Not coincidentally

These are the people

You most want to work with.

I’m here,


P.S. A WARNING FOR SENTIMENTAL TYPES: Tomorrow’s email hasn’t been written yet, but it might involve a boy who learned from his dad how to do the one thing he most wanted to do with his time on earth: Love his job.

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