7-Second Thoughts April 21, 2023

Everything is different now

A joke should come very 6-9 seconds ~ Jay Leno

So much has changed in the last few years

But a big one is how people read.

They want to understand what they are reading

Without any further explanation of what they just read.

The quote at the beginning from former Tonight Show host Jay Leno

Is actually an old quote

He’s been saying it for years

But it applies to this new form of reading.

The reader wants a payoff

A conclusion

Or at the very least

A completion

About every 7 seconds

What’s true in comedy is true in a LOT of things ????

See if this helps:

When you are writing your website

See if you can complete a thought

In 1 sentence

Without that sentence relying on an explanation to follow.

Because here’s the thing:

Those explanations often wind up being big paragraph chunks

That give your website visitor a split second to decide

Whether or not they want to read it

And almost all of them

Choose the latter.

I’m here,


P.S. As you warm your reader up with short bursts of complete thoughts, you will begin to draw them in to slightly longer 2- or 3- paragraph bits that offer your products or services – often with a price or a guarantee. But to make it that far, dial them in first – 7 seconds (or so) at a time.

P.P.S. For example

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