7-Second Thoughts August 18, 2023

Fast, it’s corporate policy

When you absolutely, positively have to get your content out quickly – Set. A. Timer.

Yes, your content is important and reflects your business and the value you offer

But the downside – and fear – of writing fast ends there

The upside of writing fast

Blows the downside

Out of the water:

Consistency, reliability (in both the way your prospects see you and the way you see yourself), quality (yes, you will get better at it the faster you write) and finally, insight (what allows your prospect to see you as an expert)

See if this helps:

  1. Set timer for 25 minutes.
  2. Start a new email or social post with this question at the top of your page: What is the problem your prospect is coming to you to solve?
  3. Tap fingers on keys until timer goes off.

I’m here,


P.S. If you get to the end of your 25 minutes and don’t have something you feel is send-worthy, take a 5 minute break and come back to it for a fresh 25.

P.P.S. Eventually, you’ll be able to get to a complete email in just the first 25 minutes – probably within a day or two, but most likely the very first day. (You got this!)

P.P.P.S. You can download a free – and gorgeous – app that will keep you honest here

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