7-Second Thoughts June 12, 2023

Fear of ghosting

The key to sending an email that gets a reply is making it crystal clear what you want from your reader.

See if this helps:

Put the work and the thinking

Into your message

So that it’s easy as pie

For your read to write a super easy reply.

For example:

If you want an answer to your question

End your email with the question you want answered.

If you want to set up a time to meet

Offer 3 time slots or your meeting link.

This second one bears repeating:

If your email feels like it’s turning into a novel

You might make the entire goal of the email

To get your client on the phone

So you can talk things through.

Regardless of what you send

Make it so that your email has a high likelihood of being read

Which means keeping it to one simple topic

To ONLY one person

And if you do ask for something

Ask for ONLY 1 thing

And make it undeniably clear

What you’re asking for.

I’m here,


P.S. Have an email you’re struggling to send? Send ‘er my way first and I’d be happy to reply with a light edit.

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