7-Second Thoughts January 18, 2023

From the Wright Bros. to Space

When you find the one thing you do best and the people that it helps, your business can grow exponentially.

It took around 10,000 years of civilization before humans built a machine that could fly

But only another 58 after that before we made it into space.

Once you find your thing

You’re off to the races.

See if this helps:

Travis Jones started his career as a preacher in Dallas.

Twenty years later he became a roofer

And a few years after that, we put together a website for his solar panel business

And now: he writes a daily email

7 days a week

About being a Smart Homeowner‚Äč

It can happen that fast.

In the moment, it can seem like forever

But if you can put in the time

Quickly and consistently

In the rearview mirror

It happens in no time.

I’m here,


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