7-Second Thoughts July 22, 2023

Getting paid on the fly

How to start a habit of creating productized services for your business.

Consider throwing caution to the wind

And creating a new calendly link

Attached to your Stripe account

That charges for a new service

That you just dreamed up

During the course

Of a 25-minute writing sesh. 

And here’s why:

It can push you over the hump

Of not wanting to charge for your services

Or charge more for your services

And can eliminate the

I Didn’t Have Time Excuse

Something to keep in mind:

It’s just a link. 

You might like it in the moment. 

You might not like it tomorrow. 

But once you do it

One thing is for certain:

You changed your behavior.

Over time, you might find you like the link enough

To add it to a more permanent place in your marketing

Like your email footer



Or all 3

Regardless, you’ve begun a new habit of productizing your services

Which might be

In the longer term

How you raise your prices

And work less.

I’m here, 


P.S. Thanks to Mark Howell, IT consultant for B2Bs, for the convo that inspired today’s post. Sign up for his free daily tech tips for business owners here

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