7-Second Thoughts July 11, 2023

Go back and read your website

Before your next sales call, read your website.

Full disclosure: It might be a little uncomfortable.

Almost like how many people don’t like hearing the sound of their own voice.

But if you can

Work through it

You’ll be glad you did

And here’s why:

Going back and reading your website:

Reminds you of the value you offer

Brings you back to why you started your business

Renews your faith in what you do

And most importantly:

Helps you listen and write down

The exact words


Tumbling from your prospect’s mouth

About their struggles and challenges

That you can then put directly on your website

Immediately afterward.

I’m here,


P.S. No, you probably won’t go directly into wordpress or squarespace. That requires your login info which is often enough of a hurdle to keep you from doing it. Instead, keep a word doc or google doc bookmarked with a running rough draft of your website for just such occasions when inspiration strikes.

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