7-Second Thoughts June 4, 2024

Handwriting your website

Is way faster

And here’s why:

Chances are you’ve gone through a bazillion iterations

Rewrite after rewrite after rewrite

Which is exactly why

You’re always rewriting.

I can hear you saying:

But that’ll take forever!

But being able to change your draft so easily

And so quickly

Might actually be why you can’t stop rewriting

And here’s why I know:

I too was in constant rewrite mode

But putting ballpoint pen to blank sheet of printer paper

And setting a timer for 25 minutes

To finish my sales page

Or bust

Forced me

For reasons still unbeknownst to me

To finish.*

I’m here,


*from the Latin finire meaning “to limit, set bounds, *ahem* run out of page”

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