7-Second Thoughts July 7, 2023

How to like what you do

If your goal is to like what you do, it helps to like marketing what you do.

If a big chunk of your marketing involves writing

And you think of writing as a chore

Perhaps it’s time to think of writing

As a game.

See if this helps:

Start your marketing writing

I call it business words writing

Knowing you’re trying to solve a problem for your prospect

Then, the game begins:

Set your timer for a certain number of minutes

I’m a 25-minute guy

Not having the faintest idea

What you’re going to write about.

It’s the “not knowing” that keeps it interesting

At some point

As the timer winds down

A little self-doubt might creep in

I’m actually feeling a little bit right now.

But because the timer is still going

Mine’s now at 15:44

Your gamification brain wants to beat the clock

And you just keep working the problem

And working the problem*

Wordle, anyone?

Until all of a sudden

You find yourself

At the end.

I’m here,


P.S. Made it with 1:15 left on the clock

*”Working the problem” has also been referred to as “using your creative mechanism.” Engaging your Creating Mechanism often results in endorphins rushing in after you click PUBLISH or SEND.

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