7-Second Thoughts August 29, 2023

I can do this! vs. Can I do this?

If you’re trying to motivate yourself, rather than pumping yourself up with “I can do this!” Ask yourself, “Can I do this? And if so, how?”

If you can ask yourself the question

And trigger the ideation process

You’ll perform better in the moment.

See if this helps:

Before you even answer the question

Imagine yourself having already done it. 

It just might release enough tension

To allow you to begin ideating

And before you know it

The thing you didn’t want to do

Didn’t think you could do

Didn’t think you had the “gotta wanna” to do

Is somehow

Being done.

I’m here, 


P.S. Today’s email inspired by Daniel Pink, from his book “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.”

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