7-Second Thoughts September 7, 2023

“I can’t get people to talk to me.”

If you’re having trouble starting conversations with prospects, ask them to do you a solid.

Asking for feedback on something of value that you offer takes you out of selling

And puts your prospect on the offensive – rather than the defensive

Sure, I’ll help you out.

And if you end your request with a question

Along the lines of:

Can I sign you up?

Can I share this with you?

Can we have a quick chat so I can show you?

You give your prospect an easy call to make

See if this helps:

No matter the favor you’re asking:

  1. Start with the phrase “Totally ok to say no”
  2. Request the favor
  3. DO NOT explain what it is

The minute you explain:

It’s a daily email that helps you _________

You are now selling something.

The entire point is to spark a conversation with your prospect

That has them responding to the tune of:

“Maybe. What’s the download/video/email/course/etc. about?

Now you’re conversing

Not selling.

I’m here,


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