7-Second Thoughts November 4, 2021

I spent 6 months in a wework elevator

“I write websites” is my elevator pitch. It took 6 months to write and here’s why I like it.

It’s also the headline on my company website.

If you want to see if your prospect can understand what you do and why they should care

within 7 seconds of coming to your website,

Try this 4-step process:

  1. Get on elevator
  2. Wait for someone else to get on.
  3. Say, “So, what do you do?”
  4. Listen

Your “prospect” will talk quickly because their floor is fast approaching.

But they’re not rude (mostly) and they’ll leave just enough time to ask:

“So, what do YOU do?”

And there it is: 7 seconds (or less) to say what you do.

Here’s when I knew “I write websites” might be gold:

It led to people talking about what I do according to them.

Go ahead and let that sink in.

They talked about how they needed a website, their business, how bad their website is,

the time they wrote something in college (!).

All I said was, “I write websites” and in more than one instance

my fellow passenger led me right onto their floor where we booked a call

and talked so much I missed my next appointment.

See if this helps:

Today’s 7-Second Website: 7-Second Websites, Minneapolis, MN

Headline: I write websites

Subhead: That get prospects interested in what you do in 7 seconds or less.

My prospect: Oh, this person writes websites.

Cares because: They can easily understand how I can help their business

Bonus: And he did it in 7 seconds or less!

I’m here,


P.S. Try taking the headline from your website and using it to say what you do.

Elevators are ideal because of the captive audience and the built-in countdown timer.

Need help? Start with the Elevator Pitcherator or reply to this email with

what’cha got on your current website 🙂

to nail my website headline

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