7-Second Thoughts June 3, 2023

If your website died tomorrow …

Your method of outreach would still live on.

If your website were to fail

Or simply be ignored

Is there a difference?

Assuming you have a method

Of reaching out


Emphasis on the directly

To your prospects

Be it LinkedIn, email, Twitter, etc.

You’d be absolutely fine

And in some cases even better

And here’s how I know that:

The pilot program

That Shane and I are launching

Is almost full

Meaning we have sold almost all 12 spots

With nary a website sales page

To show for it.

Yes, there will be a page


But the point of the program

Is to help you write emails

That get responded to

By prospects

That you want to work with

With little to no time


On your website.

I’m here,


P.S. Sessions for the 4-week “Email Subscriber Builder” pilot program begin the week of July 10th. Should the program sell out or not fit your timeline, reply for the deets, and we’ll get you on the list for the August cohort.

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