7-Second Thoughts November 21, 2022

In rare form

Having your prospect fill out a form before or during your call can be a really good thing.

My kids absolutely HATE going to the doctor, especially if there’s a shot involved.

My response, at least in my head, is always

At least you don’t have to fill out any forms.

Here’s why form filling out is the WORST:

  1. You get asked the same questions again in person
  2. There’s no direct payoff between those seemingly inane questions and your life getting better.

Here’s the thing:

I actually DO recommend having your prospect fill out a form.

You just have to make it worth yours and your prospect’s time.

See if this helps:

I LOVE google docs. They are highly collaborative. So when I talk about forms, I’m really not talking about a traditional one-way form that:

  • You fill out
  • I look at later
  • Or hand off to “data entry” never to be seen or used again

Any form your prospect fills out should be just as useful to them as it is to you.

Think of it as a parting gift.

Google docs are nice because they also allow you to continue the conversation after the call.

And allow you to really follow through on your offer to answer any questions before your next meeting.

I also share my form on-screen so my prospect can see exactly what I’m typing

And share the link so they can take their own notes too

That way, when we meet again, we can pick up the conversation right where we left off.

In conclusion:

One-way forms feel like doctor’s office forms that can feel like a total time-suck.

Two-way google doc forms are collaborations.

I’m here,


P.S. If you’d like to see what this is like, reply to this email or schedule a free session so we can fill out your form  together  🙂

P.P.S. For some serious instant gratification, check out the form below “The Prospect Comes First” ⬇️

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