7-Second Thoughts May 30, 2024

Instead of writing to your website …

Consider writing to your email list.

Platforms such as your website or LinkedIn broadcast to a mass audience

Which by their very nature require your prospect to:

Fill out a contact form

Make a comment (visible to others)

Or take the extra step of initiating a direct message (DM) 

All of which your prospect sees as


a.k.a. work

a.k.a. hoop(s) to jump through

Just to have a 1 on 1 conversation

The currency that leads to new business 

On the other hand:

Writing to your email list requires but a simple reply

And trains you, the writer, to speak directly to your prospect

Like I’m doing now

Rather than seeking a reaction from the crowd

NOTE: Social and website can still be part of your marketing:

Just copy n’ paste (or automate) your email content to your feed

And even your website

In the form of a new landing page 

For a new service 

That you discover your audience needs

Based on 


Direct response.

I’m here,


TL;DR—Anything but email is writing into the void. Starting with email; however, passes the litmus test for what it takes to facilitate a value-based conversation you’d actually have with your prospect 1 on 1.

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