7-Second Thoughts May 20, 2023

Insurance for layoffs (or boredom)

Having a habit of writing directly to a pool of your ideal prospects is the best protection against getting laid off.

If you currently work full time, you might consider starting some form of regular outreach

To people you’d like to work with as new clients

Should you ever get laid off

Or feel like starting something

Of your own

And here’s why:

Should you get the axe

Or the bug to do your own thing

You could have an instantly available

Deep well of future clients

That already know what you do

Why they should care

And how to get in touch with you

To hire you

Or become an ideal customer.

I’m here,


P.S. If the thought of developing a list of future clients or employers sounds exciting, reply for the deets. If it sounds scary, definitely reply for the deets 🙂

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