7-Second Thoughts June 7, 2024

Intro: Is it worth it?

Intro is the newest, buzziest thing and seemingly tailormade for experts.

I’m not certain that I’m going to use Intro, but I did sign up for it just in case.

Here’s the thing:

I suspect it might be one of those apps

That goes away as fast as it came

But certainly its premise

Never will:

Are you offering enough value

Through your website, emails, LinkedIn, podcast, book

TV Show(!)

yup, Nate Berkus is on Intro

For your prospect to pay anywhere from

$250 to $1,000

For 15 minutes of your time?

See if this helps:

You might skip the harangue of applying, promoting and paying for Intro

And instead

Create a sales page that sells a high-priced call

So long as it offers a solution

To your prospect’s




I’m here,


EPILOGUE: After long and careful consideration that I’ve undertaken in the time it took me to write this email (about 9 minutes), here’s why I will not be signing up for Intro:

Why pay for another service that has you promoting a website that is not your own and where there’s lots of competition, when you can spend all that time, and all those words, building your own audience that has direct access to you.

TL;DR—nope, not doing it.

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