7-Second Thoughts May 17, 2023

Is email social?

Your email posts are not much different from a social post – except with email, you’re building a private pool of ideal prospects.

If you build your subscriber list from LinkedIn

By asking for feedback on your email newsletter

You might get this as a response:

Why should I? Aren’t they the same as a social post?*

Yes, with one exception.

When your prospect clicks on the “reply” button

In your email

The conversation is instantly transformed

From a blast out to the masses

To a 1 on 1 conversation

Yes, your prospects can always direct message you in LinkedIn

But they rarely do


And this is just my guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On LinkedIn

The initial message makes it feel like you could be talking to anyone

And everyone

Rather than an audience

Of one.

I’m here,


P.S. I’ve been running automated campaigns that ask for feedback on my newsletter and my client’s newsletters for over 6 months now and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. And I’m not even sure the response mentioned at the top was negative so much as a really valid question – and great fodder for an email, of course 🙂

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