7-Second Thoughts July 21, 2023

“Is this for me?”

The messaging you send out to your prospect list should feel like a direct message to only one of them.

Friend of the list Adam Christing

Responded to an email I sent out

Earlier this week

With a response we all want

From our emails:

“I thought this was just for me!”

Now, to be fair

The email subject line was:

Your Standup Routine

And it just so happens

That Adam runs a company called

Clean Comedians

See if this helps:

Yes, your prospect understands

That they’re on a mass emailing list

But their ultimate reaction

In all seriousness

Should be

I thought this was just

For me.

I’m here,

P.S. If you’re looking to book a bigtime comedian (we’re talkin’ household names here, people) for your next corporate event, sign up for Adam’s email newsletter (and a get a good chuckle) at Clean Comedians

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