7-Second Thoughts September 10, 2023

Is your value life-saving?

Articulating the pain your prospect will no longer have to feel, is what allows you to charge more for it.

I take a drug once a month

It’s a shot

That comes to me in a styrofoam refrigerated box

Like i’m getting a lung transplant

Which I kind of am

It’s never fun giving yourself a shot

But I do it anyway

What i don’t do anymore is:

Go to the doctor’s office to get the shot

Take antibiotics and steroids

Get sick with lung infections 

And sinus infections

And food and air allergies

Yes, the initial pain kind of sucks

But it so outweighs every other kind of pain I used to suffer from

That I do it every single month

Without fail

Because now I know

What it’s like

To not take it.

I’m here


P.S. The shot I take is covered by insurance. Without it, I’d be on the hook for $3,000. Given the pain it solves, I would beg, borrow and steal to pay it.

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