7-Second Thoughts July 6, 2024

Less time = more insight

The faster you publish your marketing, the more time you can spend away from your marketing … where real insight happens.

The kind of insight that leads to a new service that’s more easily purchased

Or at least inquired about

Through an email reply

Rather than a call

Or a purchase through a sales page

In other words

A smaller 

More attainable 


That starts

With your prospect

Replying to your email

With a question.

I’m here,


P,.S. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect with regard to gettring your prospecting done in 25 minutes or less, I’ve written 1 email per day for the past 3 days in no more than 15 minutes – from start to publish – while on vacation – that have yielded 8 new signups for the cohort launching in August.

Somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes 4+ days per week is the kind of time commitment you should expect from yourself during the 16-week course. 

It’s also not coincidentally the same level of performance you can expect from yourself AFTER you complete the course – to publish your marketing anywhere, anytime you want with the same level of effort and joy that comes from writing an email to a friend.

If that seems like time well spent, knowing the payoff is a marketing system you run based on your expertise and your insight into your clients and prospects, you can jump in here.

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