7-Second Thoughts September 23, 2023

Listen better-er

The more consistently you write to your list of clients, the wider your ears become.

It becomes second nature

As your writing/publishing habit becomes stronger

You can’t help but listen for new ideas

New insights

New knowledge from your clients, prospects

Even friends and family

Inspiration starts to come out of the woodwork

Until one day you realize

That you’re no longer hungry for the next day’s email topic

Because you’ve got a backlog a mile long

Instead, you’re simply listening

With a whole heart.

I’m here,


P.S. The comedian Gary Gulman has been posting jokes daily to twitter since January 1, 2019 without fail. He credits the consistency with helping launch his career, inspire other comedians (his supposed competition) and even get him through a crippling bout of depression – which of course he made into an HBO special  – “The Great Depresh” Definitely worth a listen ????

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