7-Second Thoughts April 26, 2023

Live long and prospect [cough, cough]

If you have a system of reaching out consistently to your prospects, the system will carry you even when you are ill.

There are times when you will be too tired or sick or unmotivated or

Especially in the darkest days of – say – Minnesota

Just too ???? to send out your business words.

See if this helps:

While you are healthy

Get as full a head of steam as possible

By sending out your social post or email newsletter as consistently as possible to your prospects.

The more consistent the habit

The more the habit will carry you through less than inspired moments.

And here’s where it gets weird:

You can develop such a strong habit

You won’t be able to help writing

And reaching out to your prospects

So much so that rather than enervate you

Your prospect outreach

Will pull you out

Of the doldrums.

I’m here,


P.S. Speaking from experience this week getting over a cold that will not quit here in the Land of Eternal Winter ????????‍⚕️ ????

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