7-Second Thoughts April 15, 2023

Make headlines with your subject lines

You can automatically make the emails you send to your prospects appear on your website so that they start to offer value to your website visitor instantly.

If you’re struggling to write a subject line for an email that you’re sending out in the form of a newsletter

Like the one you’re reading 🙂

Just ask yourself:

If this subject line is all that my prospect reads

Does it offer just a little bit of value to my prospect’s business?

To be clear:

In no way should this put any pressure on you to write marvelously clever subject lines.

In fact, it’s actually faster to write for value

Rather than being cute or cheeky

Writing in a more value-driven manner

Makes it a lot easier to come up with subject lines

Increases your open rates

And lends itself to emails that will eventually appear on your website

As a source of value for your prospect

Without ever having to turn them into headlines*

I’m here,


P.S. If you’d like help with writing value-driven email subject lines and/or having those value-driven emails magically appear on your website the second after you send them out, reply here.

*For example, when I finish writing the email that you reading right now, it will instantly appear as a (hopefully value-driven) headline on my website here ????????

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