7-Second Thoughts September 29, 2023

Try learning the viola

Picking up a skill in a totally different area can improve a skill in the area you’re most interested in.

When our 11-year old suddenly came home asking us for viola lessons

My wife and I both cocked an eyebrow

Um … sure?

We loved the idea but both knew this was not exactly his “bag.”

We also were just plain curious and wanted to gauge his commitment level

He saw the look in our eyes and came clean:

My teacher told me that playing a musical instrument can help me get better at math.

As Isaac is a math whiz

This was beginning to make a lot of sense.

See if this helps:

Whatever career you’re invested in

Learning a seemingly different skill

Can stimulate the part of your brain

You really want to develop

As long as you’re into the other thing enough

To enjoy it

And do it consistently.

I’m here,


P.S. If you want to learn to write consistently to become, say, a better graphic designer, sales person, or even a copywriter – reply with the deets.

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