7-Second Thoughts June 28, 2023

No Idea Phobia

The more frequently you write to your prospect mailing list, the more – not less – ideas you’ll have.

Here’s a valid concern expressed by many readers of the list

Most recently from Michael “Fritz” Fritzius:

“I know I can crank out a bunch of content at the start, but I’ll start dry firing if I try to keep up with daily.”

This is probably the most common concern

Among my clients

And most likely anyone

Who’s under pressure

To come up with content


Here’s the thing:

The more you write

The more ideas you’ll have.

And here’s where it gets really weird:

The more you do it

The better and faster you’ll get

And the more ideas will start to come

From every part of your life

Seemingly without effort

Until it gets to a point where

The only problem is:


You’ll have too many ideas

To choose from.

I’m here,


P.S. No, you don’t have to write daily. I actually coach people to start writing to their prospect list weekly because it feels easier – and that does count for something. But eventually I do recommend writing daily. Only because it helps you learn to write and come up with ideas faster. So fast that a daily email practice winds up taking less time than a weekly. Crazy, I know.

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