7-Second Thoughts July 3, 2024

No one is going to hand you a script

You have to write your own.

I spent my first couple of years out of college working for a network sitcom called “King of the Hill”

It was a glorious way to begin a writing career

Filled with lessons I’m still learning two decades later

But yesterday, listening to the co-creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, someone who raked in the equivalent of a small country’s GDP, it drove home yet another lesson:

Dream jobs 

And dream businesses 

Doing what you absolutely love

Are never handed out.

See if this helps:

Consider starting a consistent marketing practice as a form of creating the job you want 

Whether it’s fulltime, freelance, or your own business

And here’s why:

After 2 years working in showbusiness

And 20+ years in marketing

One of my biggest takeaways is simply:











I’m here,


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