7-Second Thoughts December 12, 2021

Not just another “ambulance chaser” website

Super successful websites tend to solve an “injustice” for their prospect.

The good news is: Almost every company, including yours, solves an injustice.

You can identify that injustice by asking yourself:

“Why is it just plain wrong for your prospects to be burdened by the problem you solve?”

See if this helps:

WEBSITE: Ashby Catastrophic Injury Law

FIRST 7 SECONDS: We help make sure it never happens to anyone else.

Calling out the injustice your prospect shouldn’t have to be burdened with

Is one of those tools that help your website visitor realize

They can stop looking

Because you are the only solution to their problem.

I’m here,


P.S. The philosophical problem is taken from Donald Miller’s “Building a StoryBrand.” As a StoryBrand Certified Guide I can take you and your sales team through the 7-part StoryBrand framework that leads to a 7-Second Website. Reply with questions or hop on a 7-Second Check-In with Kevin

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