7-Second Thoughts April 18, 2023

Offer your prospect excuses

Your website might be inadvertently demotivating your prospect from contacting you

Ever notice how anti-smoking programs talk about how hard it is to quit?

And therefore, you should use their plan because their plan understands how hard it is to quit?

Guess what:

Turns out tobacco companies LOVE these plans

Or at least the marketing of these plans

Because they make it seem like quitting is just too darn hard

So why bother?

Here’s the thing:

If you put your thumb on the empathy scale

Be careful

Because even though it’s important to communicate

That you understand your prospect’s problem

So that they’ll trust you with the solution

You can

If you’re not careful

Actually de-motivate your prospect from contacting you

Because the problem you solve seems too daunting.

See if this helps:

Try listing out every excuse your prospect has to NOT act

And then one by one

Go through every one of the aforementioned excuses

And carefully


And factually explain

Why each and every last one

Is a load of hooey.

I’m here,


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