7-Second Thoughts October 2, 2021

Office closed for funeral

Doris Barish Freed was 91. She died on Wednesday.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you’re a good egg,” it was invented for people like my Aunt Doris.

She met my Uncle Sol when she was 16

They got married when she was was 19 and he was 21

And stayed married for 71 years

Unbelievably happily married

If you go out to eat with them, you can count on an endless stream

of some of the kindest, sweetest people

interrupting your dinner to reminisce about the old days.

If Aunt Dot had a website, you can bet the first 7 seconds would say:

Know that you are loved. Doris Barish Freed

1931 – 2021

May her memory be a blessing.

P.S. Doris’s husband Sol turns 93 next week. If you are at a restaurant in Dallas and it suddenly becomes clear to you that you’ve just seen the most delightful man you’ve ever laid eyes on, stop over and say hi. He’d love to see you.

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