7-Second Thoughts June 17, 2024

On Jonathan Stark’s Ditching Hourly Podcast

It’s always an honor to be invited on someone else’s podcast.

Recently, I was a guest on Jonathan Stark’s Ditching Hourly where we discussed how to help freelancers and consultants create effective websites by starting with email conversations first.


Talking Points

Instead of starting with a website, freelancers and consultants can begin by writing emails that address the problems their clients are facing.

These emails can serve as the foundation for a content solar system and can eventually be repurposed for a website.

LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for growing an email list by sending personalized messages to potential subscribers.

The key to success is providing value and engaging in one-on-one conversations with potential clients.

Quotable Quotes:

“A website is not a one-on-one conversation. An email is.”

“You’ll have this conversation with someone, and they braindump about the problems that they solve for their clients. And it’s gold. It’s great.”

“I’m obsessed with the very idea of a one-on-one conversation. I just don’t understand how else to do it.”

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P.S. If the thought of NOT creating a website sounds like the sweetest of sweet reliefs, you’re not alone. Then again, if the idea of creating a website later – from content that your prospects respond to the most – sounds more like your jam, consider joining the Market Yourself First waitlist

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